Black Dresses Matter

black-dresslittle black dress

Little black dresses are a must have in every closet. They give such a classy look for any kind of event. I loved this one especially because it is flattering in every way and also that white stripe gave me the option to add white accessories that compliment each other perfectly.

Now that it’s getting a teensy weensy bit more chillier, I decided to pair them up with these almost knee high boots. Confession: gogo boots! I no longer use them for that purpose but why should they be sitting in the closet? Now sunglasses of course. The ones in the pictures are bedazzled because shiny things!

Then comes my favorite accessory of all time, HANDBAG! The final touch that brings together both black and white. Handbags are like the icing on the cake, the cherry on top if you will.

What did you guys like about the outfit? What didn’t you like about it? Please comment! I’d love to hear your feedback!

Images shot by Chad Larson Photography


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