3 Ways to Wear Polka Dots

My relationship with polka dots has been pretty intense lately. Somehow they seem to allure me and before I know it my whole closet is screaming all sorts of polka dotted language! I think I’m in lust with these spots of fashion! Aren’t you!?


Black Dress Featuring Polka Dots

black dressblackpolkadotdressdressblack

A dress like this doesn’t need much more so I decided to go neutral for the shoes and bag. I wanted the polka dots to take the limelight for this outfit.

Wearing:  Forever 21 Dress / Charlotte Russe Boots / Kathy Lee Vintage Bag

Images shot by : Yanet Zamora Photography


Pin-Up at the Office

I combined a little of this and a dash of that and came out with a style from a different era. I was the pin-up girl at the office that day. Are you wondering how to add some jazz into that business suit? Think Marilyn Monroe next time.

Wearing:  Forever 21 Cardigan / Forever 21 Cami / Charlotte Russe Pants / Charlotte Russe Shoes 



So let me tell you a little story. First off, traveling and fashion seem to go hand in hand. I decided to book a spontaneous trip to a different country because why the f*** not!? Not only that but everyone there spoke French and I managed to have the guts to book a hostel with TEN girls in the same room as me and I didn’t know a single one! Maybe they were going to be really catty or maybe this, maybe that. I left the maybe’s behind and decided to go in for the kill.

Fast forward one week later and I met FASCINATING group of travelers from all over the world. With our backgrounds, cultures, music, languages, and of course fashion being our main point of topic. Let me tell you I got learnt!

The fashion inspiration was INSANE walking down St.Catherine, Rue Crescent, the Old Port (a very European feel). My new best friend and I decided to walk all over Montreal in style and what better way than to wear dresses!? We even went zip lining in them! Perfect time to show polka dots some love!

Share your outfits or stories involving polka dots, I’d love to hear them! Please comment and share! xo


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