How to Wear Statement Platforms


Do you own an eye-catching pair of statement platforms, love them but they’re unused because you don’t know what the heck to even do with them? Do yourself a favor and chase the dust bunnies away from your closet immediately! Statement pieces are all about being sassy and really bringing out your sense of fashion! I especially love when fashion dares to get bold. There is only one rule I live by with these kinds of items and that is to make the statement piece the star!

It was literally love at first sight with these pink ballerina inspired platforms. Shoes like these were not going to be left un-purchased! All my dreams came true when my boyfriend surprised me and got them for me! Talk about romance that day.

So now comes the who, what, where and why I thought. The struggle can be real with such demanding platforms no? It doesn’t have to be! Take a look at how I combined both daring with simplicity with these two outfits because really, the shoes were the spotlight!



Pink became the name of the game here! Threw on black skinny jeans and a vintage top, see the minimalist I was talking about?

blue velvet dressplatformsvelvet dressvelvet dress

There’s no doubt my velvet obsession has gone of out control at this point. (sorry not sorry) The deep blue color of this velvet dress paired with a similar color tone vintage hand bag and you got some pretty cool contrast going on with the pink platforms. Just look at those flashy colors! I’m totally wearing this on date night.

Velvet, love it or hate it? See more of it here: Fall Trend 2016, Velvet How to Rock it!

Wearing: Dolls Kill Ballerina Platforms / Forever 21 dress / vintage bag


Images shot by Chad Larson


So what statement fashion pieces are you having troubles with? Or which ones do you absolutely love? I’d love to hear it, comment below!


4 thoughts on “How to Wear Statement Platforms

  1. I love, love, LOVE these shoes, and your website is coming along quite nicely! I can see you’ve started to open up more from the first shoot! It’s stirred up some excitement in me thinking about how I can possibly contribute when you’ve got it going on with all the fashion sense and of course, the master of photography, Chad Larson, doing his always extraordinary work. ❤ Keep it up girl!

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