fur vintage coat

Classy as Fuzz: Vintage Fur Coats

vintage coatvintagecoatfurfur vintage coat

 What are your upcoming winter fashion plans ladies? Vintage fur coats are all the rage with their glitz and glamour of a style from a different era this season! Seriously you see all the rainbow colors in different patterns of furs by designers like Fendi and Miu Miu.

This 1920s vintage inspired coat I’m wearing above escorted me all over Paris and Amsterdam in the colder months of Europe. I packed minimal amount of outfits because I was going to be veiled by the elegance of this vintage coat. So what was that? I was on fire (warm), saved room in my suitcase to buy even more awesome outfits, all while looking stylish!? Let’s walk all over the Red Light District looking classy as fuzz girlfriend!

Coats on the runways of New York Fashion Week 2016: The Top 9 Coat Trends from the Fall 2016 Shows at New York Fashion Week

Fashion Outfit: Vintage Coat / Kathy Lee Vintage Bag / Windsor Platforms


Images shot by Yanet Zamora Photography


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