About Me


For the creative minds, bloggers, fashionistas, world travelers with a passion for fashion, or anyone wanting to feel more comfortable in their own skin, then you are in the right place! What you wear tells a story about you and I want to help you tell the world the best one! I am not a model, I am a serious fashion whore. Having trouble deciding what to wear in the mornings? On a fashion budget? Need outfit inspiration? Then please, read on.

I like to get sassy when it comes to fashion and people don’t seem to ignore! You shouldn’t conform to anything, you be YOU! I got inspired by the many different kinds of fashions around the world to start my own blog. Eventually I plan to bring back a piece of my travels and of course the many different fashion styles around the globe to fit into our everyday lives. Fashion is art and art starts with a blank canvas and then imagination is splattered in every direction (with a lot of glitter). I encourage you to never be afraid to wear your creative mind!

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Be bold and slay the day! xo


Photo Credits:

Yanet Zamora Photography (Vintage Top Photo)

Chad Larson Photography  (Skirt and Balloons)