Amsterdam: The Secrets You Must Know

One of the best fine dining restaurants in Amsterdam, an embarrassing story (don’t be a victim), how to avoid sleeping with a man (if you want), and drugs.

I will describe Amsterdam in one word and that is eccentric as heck ladies and gentleman. Totally my type of city! There is TONS of info out there about where to go, what to eat, what to do, blah blah blah. I will get into little detail about that on this post, I recommend you to go here and read How to Spend 4 Days in Amsterdam by Nomadic Matt, one of my favorite travel bloggers. He will tell you exactly how to spend your days in Amsterdam. I simply like to share my point of view as well as reveal the answers to the things I mentioned above.

Cloudy with a Chance of Stroopwafels 

The cheese is famous, the waffles are carmel-y, mmm! One of the reasons you saved room in your suitcase? To bring back cheeses and stroopwafels back home duh! Don’t save the gifts for last, go to the nearest grocery store and get them there where they will be much cheaper. Airports and touristy places jack up the prices obviously. A bonus about grocery stores is you get to see a glimpse of the way of life of the locals. So another thing while we’re on this subject is you will see a lot of green signs with what looks like a dancing man with an arrow pointing down. I thought it was an exit and so when I went out the door, I set off the alarm of the ENTIRE grocery store. Whoops! Read this for more Amsterdam’s must eats 15 Dutch Foods to Try in Amsterdam

Fancy as Fuck

Considered one of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants. As soon as you walk in you feel like you traveled back in time. Date night. Go here. Delicious. De Silveren Spiegel  (Back in business until March 2017)

The Red Light District and Boy Bands

Certain people aren’t particularly a fan and that’s okay. I am, I like the wild side of life especially the coffee shops because they play the most awesome dance music ever. Shut up inner raver me. The girls on the Red Light District are nothing more than eye candy and maybe I’ll encourage my boyfriend to exchange some eye fucking with the girls we like the most (wink wink)! Haven’t you noticed how all the locals gather together in gender based cliques? The boys with the boys and the girls with the girls. Hot tall dutch guys in a group were everywhere and they reminded me like boy bands. They do have a certain type of look with their hair styled a particular way walking with perfect posture in their navy blue fitted pea coats. Mens fashion is outrageously sexy. Their demeanor a bit different than the dudes in the US. Do you think the Red Light District might have influence? Hmm.

What Locals Don’t Want Tourists to Know 

As crazy as this may sound random drug dealers will approach you. Sketchy! But you are smarter than that of course. Say no to drugs, it may save your vacation… or your life.

You know you will want to check out the Red Light District though, c’mon don’t be shy! Here you will see the beautiful girls in the windows decorated of gleaming red light around them. Red is not the only color, you see, blue radiates from within these windows. But what do they mean, WHAT DO THEY MEAN? Did you know that is code for transexuals? Go there if that is what peaks your interest! Please have no shame in your game. Read Interview With a Male Sex Worker if you want more info. Otherwise don’t be that drunk dumb tourist locals will laugh at later because you didn’t know. You’ve been warned. Muahaha!  

Get Lit, Amsterdam’s Version of Starbucks

Don’t get arrested by making the mistake thinking all drugs are equal. I definitely remember the first time I went to Amsterdam I was just as flabbergasted as the day when I saw my first joint. I walk up to a pink lit coffee shop, got handed a menu by a cute blonde dutch girl and the rest is history. Mind=BLOWN. Although their version of Starbucks is much more enticing doesn’t grant you permission to “get lit” just anywhere.

Touristy coffee shops seemed different, I walked out as fast as I walked in. If you’re anything like me and absolutely must go off the beaten path as often as always, then do it! You will see slightly more locals there. Fun fact, the mens toilets are tall (because dutch men are tall) so if you are a short dude sorry my dear friend you may be out of luck.

If you have ever been to one of these “caffeinated” shops, you know what I’m talking about and you’d wish they’d have them in the good old USA. Ahhh the land of the free.

Amsterdam Fashion

Last time I was in Amsterdam I had every intention of going to the famous Museum of Bags and Purses. And yet here I sit weeping I couldn’t get a glimpse of these fashion bags. Unfortunately, my shopping addiction of buying even more bags (ironically) and limited time prevented that. If you are on your way to this city please go to this museum and then e-mail me, I’d love for you to share your experience! I hear it’s awesome.

My favorite place to shop in Amsterdam was Episode located in Nine Little Streets. I got this outfit, blue skirt and top. How did I end up in Rome and Venice on the same day? Magic, that’s how.

blue skirtblueskirt

I’d love to share more stories with you and you can share your stories with me. Subscribe, you know you want more!


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